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Director:  Michael Falcone

Editors:  Michael Falcone & James Culbertson

Genre:  Historical documentry


Named after the dramatic view corridor under the Aurora Bridge in Fremont, The Hall of Giants: The Story of Fremont and the Troll is a documentary about the creation and endurance of The Fremont Troll –a sculpture which sits under the bridge’s north end and ranks second only to the Space Needle as a beloved city icon. Through frank interviews, archival footage and rare photographs, the film explores the lives and times of those who produced the Troll, chronicling how public art can help define and revitalize urban spaces. It's also a celebration of Seattle’s scrappy underdog roots, given that this popular tourist attraction was once a dump site which turned into a volunteer-driven and grant-funded art project that cost “less money than the city would spend on a new police car,” as Troll lead artist Steve Badanes states in the film. At its core, the film can be seen as a cautionary tale about the specter of gentrification, where artists and citizenry are pushed out of areas by development, and how neighborhoods and entire cities can grow estranged from the cultural and artistic roots that once established them. It’s an old tale, but it’s one that can surely resonate in these modern times.

Winner: Best Cinematography

The Hall of Giants: The Story of Fremont & the Troll
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SeaStar Takes Scotland

Director/Editor:  Michael Falcone

Genre:  Music documentary



Shot on location during a week-long concert tour, SeaStar Takes Scotland follows four musicians as they explore historic cities like Edinburgh and Perth, charming medieval towns such as Dunkeld and dramatic countryside from the Scottish Highlands up through the Orkney Islands.  Part concert film, part travelogue, band members share the joy and beauty of the autumnal landscapes that surround them as well as the knee-knocking thrills of performing as the sole American artists featured at Dougie MacLean's Perthshire Amber Music Festival.  Castles, pubs, and world-class music await as you take part in this historic and awe-inspiring adventure suitable for the entire family.    

SeaStar in Ireland

Director/Editor:  Michael Falcone

Genre:  Music Documentary


Join folk/Celtic band SeaStar as they make their maiden voyage overseas to discover their musical roots in Ireland.  Share in the thrill of discovery as each band member discovers something precious among the castles, countryside and artistry that makes this county truly one of a kind.  Along the way you'll experience traditional music sessions warmed by peat fires and Irish hospitality, pubs that welcome you with great beer and history dating back to medieval times, and the jaw-dropping beauty of the rugged west coast.  Join SeaStar on a clockwise journey 'round the island, from Dublin to Carlow to Cork to Dingle to Galway and back to Dublin again with just moments to spare for the plane ride back to America.  It's a journey both profound and joyful, just like the country its own self.

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