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What, pray tell, is Anarky?                                                              

Click image for "Anarky Comes to Cannes" short promo:                                                                                  (To view clip reel click Here)

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky

Anarchy can, by definition, be just about anything, but at Anarky Productions, we enjoy making order out of chaos, rather than the other way around.   Though we have a penchant for historical documentaries, Anarky can also be found filming concerts, stage shows, or even large-scale events that take up several city blocks.  Anarky has been the company of choice for arts collectives like the Fremont Arts Council, and we’ve also worked for the world’s largest vaudevillian festival (Moisture Festival) four years running.  Anarchy is equally at home in corporate environments, too, from producing small non-profit public service announcements to creating video productions for large corporations. 


Anarchy starts by dialoguing with you, the customer, to discover your project together.  Want to make a film about the history crab fishing?  We have a history of sourcing photos, documents, and video materials to help illustrate it.  And we can get the clearance to use them, from local companies and individuals to large agencies and companies like the Hearst Corporation.  What’s more, we have the skills and equipment to get compelling stories from interview subjects, whoever they might be. 


No job is too big or too small for Anarky.  Want someone to film the next school recital so people in the audience don’t have to on their phones?  We can do that with multiple camera angles and edit it down seamlessly.  Think of us as your personal archivist, transforming all the precious photos and videos you’ve collected and turning them into compelling narratives you’ll want to experience over and over.  Plus, with over twenty years of music experience, and an international network of musicians to choose from, Anarky can soundtrack whatever film you’re after.  From concept to finish, Anarky is there for you, and at extremely competitive prices.  We offer Master’s level writing skills to plan your project and Renaissance man resourcefulness to see it through to fruition.


At Anarky Productions, we recognize that audio/visual media is increasingly becoming a universal language.  Our goal is to shape this information into more meaningful texts.  As technology grows, our library of media does too, so it’s all the more important to manage and make use of these resources.  While we do have a flair for “capturing the moment” as it unfolds before the camera, we endeavor to deliver the best essence of any given experience in the form of a well-realized finished product.  We believe this is a valuable skill.  As we grow and learn as a company, we’re exploring ways to partner with schools, community centers and cultural programs to teach others to navigate the deep pool of media which has flooded our lives and transform it into art.  As Andrei Tarkovsky said, editing film is “sculpting time”. We also believe in the human ability to shape the future.  We’re excited for that future and we invite you to take this journey with us. 


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